Friday, December 31, 2010

Growers Outlet opens Monday @ 10a. Loads to do to get ready this weekend.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Greetings Gardeners and Happy Holidays,
Check out our website for our Holiday Hours. Http://

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Video

Check our new video on High Intensity Discharge lighting.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Monday Deals

Black Monday Sales!!! Buy a 600W Lumatek with a Sunleaves Lightwave, and Sunleaves Optilume for $275 and FREE SHIPPING.

Recieve 15% Off all Plant Fertilizers when using discount code "Black Monday 1".

And for tops, we are offering The Sunleaves Garden of Ease at a ridiculous price. Stop buy, for your cyber deals!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey Growers!

We had a small issue with the website last week. If you stopped by you noticed that it wasn't showing all the products in the categories. There was an up grade to our host that we were unaware of. Once we realized it, Jon from The Marketing Square got the files we needed and upgraded the site. What a professional outfit!

Thank you to the world wide Growers and to the Marketing Square!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is that is?!

I don't know what to say. This turned up in my in box. It was too funny not to share.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Grand Rapids - New Hours

Hey Gardeners,

Better late than never, but Horizen Hydroponics Grand Rapids, will now open at 10a Monday through Friday starting October 4th! That's right, an extra hour to get the Hydroponic Supplies you need. Horizen Hydroponics has heard the call from the customers.

New Kalamazoo hours will be coming along shortly. We need to hire and train another sales person to be able to open that early.

Shop Horizen Hydroponics Grand Rapids, as of Monday 10-4-2010
M-F 10a-7p
Sat 12p-5p

Horizen Hydroponics Kalamazoo
M-F 11a-7p
Sat 12p-5p


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fluorescent Lighting Video

Hey Gardeners!

We've done it again, another new video on lighting. We are focusing very specifically because it is the most important part of your indoor garden. As the indoor garden season is upon us, give your young plants a super leg up on the rest with a fluorescent plant grow light today! Check out the new fluorescent lighting video on or right here.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Time...

It's time to say Thank You!! to all the gardeners and local folks that stopped by the 2nd Annual Grand Harvest Party. The Horizen Hydroponics Grand Harvest Party was a huge success because local grows and farmers grew and donated over 1,000 pounds of fresh produce to Feeding America West Michigan. So, great job growers! Get ready for next year because the 3rd annual Grand Harvest Festival, with more vendors, more music and of course more FUN!

It's also time to start thinking final stages of flowering! Now is the time to push your plants to the limits! Right now is the perfect time to be adding products like House and Garden Top Booster or Fox Farm Cha-Ching. These products have the right balance or combination of phosphorus and potassium to make your plants sparkle!

Finally it's also time for indoor planting season. If you start your plants now, they'll be ready for Christmas. Just think of it, as the snow flies you are harvesting your favorite plants. That would be long after all your friends and family have run out.

Get in the grow with the people to know, Horizen Hydroponics

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Annual Grand Harvest Festival at Horizen Hydroponics

Join Horizen Hydroponics for the 2nd Annual Grand Harvest Festival on Saturday August 28th 11-4.

The festival is to support Feeding America West MI. Bring in YOUR locally grown produce NOW through August 28th for a chance to WIN our grand prize of $500 in gardening gear! Large or small every donation counts to help feed the hungry.

The festival features music by Serita’s Black Rose, Me 3 Mind and more. You can enjoy local food, environmental groups, craft and other fun vendors. We will have games and prizes (great freebies from our generous suppliers). Come down to enjoy Food, Music, Games, and great giveaways all to support our local food bank Feeding America West MI. Horizen Hydroponics is a Local First member, and members of both the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce.

Special thanks to WZZM TV 13 for covering the Grand Harvest Festival

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Plant Lighting Video

Gardeners, Are you unsure of what you need when purchasing a plant grow light. Well let your frustration go and watch our newest video on how to choose a plant grow light. The How to choose a plant grow light for your indoor hydroponic garden video was just uploaded to

To do more research on hydroponic systems or plant grow lights visit our Hydroponic FAQ's at

Stay Tuned!!!! More to come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is an aeroponic hydroponic system for you?

Any gardener will tell you that they want faster growth from their garden. To achieve a faster growth rate the hydroponics technique of aeroponics can be used. Aeroponic hydroponic systems generate a fine mist to apply the water and plant fertilizers directly at the plants roots.

Aeroponic systems are considered to generate the fastest growth rate among all the hydroponic systems available. The smaller the water droplet increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the nutrient solution due to the increase in surface area of the nutrient/fertilizer solution. As the oxygen content increases it allows the plan to grow smaller more fine root hairs which can rapidly uptake the nutrients in solution. Remember it's not over watering that kills your plant's it is lack of oxygen at the root boundary.

Aeroponic systems do have a couple of cons that may prohibit them from being your first choice of hydroponic systems. The main issue many gardeners find with aeroponics would be the small orifices of the sprayers or spray lines can clog very easily. This takes some attention to detail because you don't want a dying plant to tell you there is a problem in the system. You want to fix it before it becomes a problem. The second issue plants have with Aeroponics hydroponics systems is power outages. Typically, aeroponically produced plants are bare rooted, which means they have little to no growing media covering the roots or protecting them from droughts. Your plants have about 15 minutes in most aeroponic systems before they will begin to suffer damage due to lack of spray on the roots. Barring these two issues, Aeroponic systems have and will continue to produce significant amounts of plant material in the shortest time possible.

Anytime the oxygen level can be increased in the soil or in a hydroponic nutrient solution the growth rate will increase. This does not mean that all the environmental variables can be left to their own devices, quite the opposite. In any gardening situation indoors or out, the more environmental factors that can be controlled, the faster the plants will grow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grow Lights for indoor gardening

For those who want to have fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers year round, the only way to achieve successful results is using plant grow lights. Lighting used for growing plants will be found in many shapes and sizes and will have a significant effect on the plants they are above. Plant grow lights will likely be the greatest expense in your grow room, so choose wisely. Plant grow lights will also have the single greatest impact on your garden.

One main aspect of choosing a light is it's color spectrum. Grow light bulbs generally only emit a portion of the visible spectrum of light. Color spectrum of grow light bulbs is measured in Kelvin or K. Most grow bulbs are between 3K and 10K. The lower the K value the more the light will have a red tint to it. A higher K value indicates the bulb will produce a blue light. Generally, blue light will be used for vegetative growth or table herb gardens. Red light will elicit a flowering response in fruiting plants.

Most people will use fluorescent plant grow lights to start seeds, make cuttings or clones of plants, run a vegetative garden and to keep house plants. A vegetative garden has plants that you do not want to flower like lettuce, basil, chives or other table herbs. Fluorescent light used for plant growth come in multiple shapes and sizes. Fluorescent lighting can be purchased with low or high K (Kelvin) values depending on the size of your garden and phase of plant growth. Fluorescent lighting is great because it can be mounted very close to the plants.

In flowering gardens, high intensity discharge (HID) lights are used to produce larger plants. HID lighting comes is sizes ranging from 150W to 1500W in old school, 1940's technology called core and coil ballasts or in new digital technology called electronic ballasts. High intensity lighting comes in two varieties, Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Metal Halide lighting has a vary versatile gas mixture allowing these bulbs to be found in multiple K values but with a lower visible light output in comparison to High Pressure Sodium. High pressure sodium or HPS ballasts are typically found with a low Kelvin value bulb for flowering indoor plants and generally brighter to our eyes when compared to a Metal Halide bulb.

HID lighting will produce large plants will all the properties and qualities you want. Plus, plants grown indoors are generally more healthy and nutritious than an out door counterpart. So get a grow light and get in the game!